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SSMFA In Brief

The purpose of the SSMFA is:

(a) To promote amateur football for youth aged seven (7) to eighteen (18) years.

(b) To provide practice equipment, protective equipment, uniforms and facilities for the athletes who participate as a part of the South-Side Minor Football Association.

(c) To train and equip the coaches and referees who are a part of the South-Side Minor Football Association.

(d) To act as an engine of growth for amateur football in the immediate area.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Harewood Burger Night Sat. Oct. 3rd

Harewood Squads Host Burger and Beverage Night Sat. October 3rd

The parents and coaches of the teams playing off of the Harewood Field location in cooperation with the John Barsby Football program will be conducting their Burger Night and Silent Auction at the Harewood Arms Pub this Saturday, October 3rd 6-9 PM.

Tickets can be purchased from Coach Cooper before or after Tuesday/Thursday Practices and are $15.00 per-ticket. Each ticket holder receives a burger, fries and a beverage with half of the ticket proceeds going towards the program. The evening's fundraising will go directly towards the costs associated with putting players on the field in top quality protective equipment as well as to cover the costs of field lining, referees etc.

Please support your young people by being in attendance.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


"The Great Pee-Wee Dust-Up Of 09!!"

Hold on to your hats folks, the Pee-Wees are set to play some ball this Sunday!!

We will be conducting a round-robin jamboree style event with shortened games played on a half-field. The Jamboree is intended to familiarize the young players with the game and to run their offensive and defensive schemes against live competition. Regular Season Games will begin next weekend (see "League Schedule and Information Link" At Right).

The Great Pee Wee Dust-Up of 09 is set for Sunday, September 6th at the NDSS playing fields.

  • Each team will get three "games" of twenty minutes each. There will be a ten minute break between each "game".
  • The Jamboree will start at 10:00am and finish at 12:30pm.
  • Teams will start on the 40 yard line and work toward the endzone.
  • If something negative happens to the offense (fumble, interception, turnover on downs) the opposing team will start on the 30 yard line and work towards the endzone.
  • If the offense chooses to punt, the other team will start with the ball on the 40 yard line.
"Dust-Up" Schedule
Time Field #1 Field #2
10:00 AM Ladysmith vs Fairview Harewood vs Port Alberni
10:30 AM Ladysmith vs Campbell R Harewood vs Oceanside
11:00 AM Fairview vs Campbell R Oceanside vs Port Alberni
11:30 AM Ladysmith vs Port Alberni Campbell R vs Harewood
12:00 PM Fairview vs Oceanside (open for teams wanting a 4th game)

Concession: We will have a concession available for the Jamboree. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of uniforms, protective equipment and to the costs of running a football program. Please support our concession.

Changeroom/Bathroom Facilities: Will be available.

Water: Please ensure your child brings his/her water bottle to the jamboree.

Weather: We practice and play football in any kind of weather.

Cheering/Spectator Conduct: Cheer as loudly as you like for your team but never against the other team. As adults, we are all role models for the youth on the field. Never belittle or berate game officials.

How You Can Help:

Please volunteer to run the Down Box/Chain Set. It is an essential duty and easy to do.

When the Jamboree is over, please give us a helping hand with the storage of the sideline markers, goal-post pads, down-box/chains etc. Every little bit is a terrific help!!

Please Do Not Stand Behind Your Child's Bench Area: Though well meaning, parents who do this are a distraction from the game and create sideline management issues. The players and coaches need their space during games. Please respect this.

Safety: It is very important to make sure you stand/sit at least 5 yards from the sidleines. Small children should be monitored at all times.

To Everyone: Have a terrific time on Sunday and a fun and rewarding season ahead!!